How We Work

Howell Legal Inc. is a corporate law boutique based in Providence, RI on a mission to empower entrepreneurs as a growth partner with legal expertise. Our approach isn’t just outside-the-box; we’re trying to break the box and build something new.

About Us

- We serve as outside general counsel to our clients, advising them through everyday legal issues and critical transactions.

- We employ a suite of processes, systems, and tools that allow us to deliver service at lower rates, with less attorney time, and leverage past experience for constantly improving advice.

- We avoid the “law firm” label. We aren’t focused on delivering the most hours of legal service to clients. We use our time and expertise to drive the most value to entrepreneurs--whether they’re clients or not.

- We have product-market fit. We are the go-to law firm for early-stage, high-growth tech startups in Rhode Island. Our new client development is almost exclusively referrals-based, and we have new clients rolling in every week.

- We are expanding our team to meet increasing demand and improve efficiency while preserving the high level of engagement that our clients cherish.We’re a flat organization that encourages respectful input and disagreement from every member of the team.

- We look for talented team members and adapt roles to their unique strengths and preferences. We aren’t looking to fit square pegs into square holes.

- We are curious and lighthearted, and we believe that empathy--for our coworkers and our clients--is indispensable.

- We have a symbiotic relationship with Rhode Island’s entrepreneurs and innovators: they sustain us, and we champion them. We believe that this is one of the best places in the world to live and build a business.

Current Openings

Mergers & Acquisitions Attorney


Emerging Companies & VC Attorney


Startup Outside General Counsel