Howell Legal is a corporate law boutique on a mission to empower entrepreneurs. We leverage software tools and user-centered design principles to provide technology startups and mature companies with a unique experience—one that maximizes efficiency, transparency, and client engagement.

Origin Story

In the 14 years of practice leading up to our founding, Ted had come to focus his practice on entrepreneurs—founders and management of startups and mature private companies. Over time, he became increasingly sure that the traditional firm model was failing those entrepreneurs. With the proliferation of web-based tools, Ted saw the opportunity to provide his clients the same expertise and work product that they had come to expect at the big firms, while avoiding the excessive overhead, inefficiencies and bureaucracy that came with the traditional model. He also felt he could better align attorney incentives with client goals by ditching a firm model driven solely by leverage. In May 2014, Ted cast off and formed Howell Legal as a solo practice.

Next Step

In our first year, the new approach resonated with clients, and Ted realized that the firm had to expand to meet growing demand. In August 2015, Ryan Juliano, who shared both Ted’s enthusiasm for representing entrepreneurs and the benefits of a small, nimble firm, joined Howell Legal as its second attorney. Ryan’s addition has allowed us to increase our client base, and his experience with a large, national firm also allowed us to improve our management of large transactions—deals that few firms our size can handle.

Our Value Proposition

We have since expanded the practice, and service clients in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York and California. We are in a unique position where we can control our client base, only servicing clients where we feel there is a good “fit.” on both sides. We continue to look for unique ways to leverage technology to minimize overhead and systematize the practice. In an industry marked by stagnation, we are constantly questioning the status quo and searching for ways to improve client experience and outcomes. Our focus is not on lawyering for its own sake, but applying our legal expertise to create and protect value for our clients’ businesses.

Why Providence?

We are proud to be based in Providence, Rhode Island. With a small, but vibrant, start-up community, it is the perfect market for our practice. Our entrepreneurial ecosystem is incredibly robust for a city of Providence’s size, while it maintains a unique intimacy and collegiality. We see not only the potential energy that this city possesses, but also the often-overlooked activity that’s already here. We pride ourselves as ambassadors of this community, whether by connecting two entrepreneurs with complimentary visions, hosting after-work meet-ups for our network of founders and geeks, or providing office hours and guest programs at local colleges, universities, accelerators and incubators.

Why Entrepreneurs

Modern entrepreneurs share an energetic, creative, collaborative, and non-conformist streak that we find irresistible. Serving these inspiring men and women allows us the privilege to tag along on their journeys and help bring their visions to life. In turn, entrepreneurs have been uniquely open to exploring and supporting our vision for disrupting the traditional law firm model. This synergy is at the core of Howell Legal.

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